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Walt Disney

Georgia Trails Bucket List

We always talk about constantly working towards something, so what better way to make sure we don't let time get away from us than to make a list?  We have set out to take advantage of the beautiful Georgia weather and committed to sharring these 10 beautiful natural sites with our kids over the next year:

  1. Raven Cliff Falls Trail
  2. Tallulah Gorge State Park
  3. Sweetwater Creek State Park
  4. Yellow River Park
  5. Vickery Creek Trail
  6. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
  7. Blood Mountain
  8. Arabia Mountain Trails
  9. Vogel State Park
  10. Anna Ruby Falls

These trails offer hikes of 5 miles or less and promise adventure for and smiles from the kiddos.  We will keep you updated as we visit each site.  What adventure bucket list will you make?

This list was compiled with the assistance of Atlanta Trails.

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