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Chicks And Salsa evolved out of women sharing stories about life, work, motherhood, and more over chips and salsa on a weekly basis.  What resulted were friendships coated in laughter and loyalty. We live our life confidently because of our life experiences and friendships.  On the blog we share what have learned along the way.



Rina Puri

With over ten years of fundraising and party hosting under her belt, Rina shares her tips and ideas throwing a memorable party or event.  As founder of Chicks And Salsa it is her hope to bring together experts from all parts of a woman's life into one blog space.  Get to know Rina on a more personal level at RinaRani



Puja Sagir

South Asian model turned bosschick, Puja Sagir is a fashion authority and founder of bisouNYC - an online boutique with curated treasures from India. Based in New York, Puja is a visionary for global trend and style. Shop the collection here.



Komal Shah

A teacher, former textbook author and retail/marketing associate, Komi is a busy mom to two kids -- and also a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, MMA boot camper, school volunteer, PTA board member...and so on!  When she’s not busy being a “teacher mom," she’s usually cooking up a storm experimenting with new recipes, trying to stay fit, hosting themed parties, reading the latest bestsellers, keeping up on the latest celebrity gossip and fashion news, and shopping for good deals and on-trend items for her kids.  She shares the love of cupcakes and of course -- coffee, coffee, coffee.



Sonia Shah

This fabulous mom of two makes city living look like Sex and City (with kids!).

Avani Pic


Avani Patel

Co Founder of Crotel Entertainment, Avani is a self made business woman who can rock your world with tips on being a savvy, confident, and successful woman.  Check in here for what she is working on next.  Click here to check out her interview with Country Magazine.

Fragola Productions C-58-L


Neema Patel

Founder of NEEMA Dance School, Neema Patel, is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, traveler, humanitarian, philanthropist, and a forever dedicated student of life.  When she’s not chasing her toddler around - she’s on the lookout for green & clean beauty products, experimenting with DIY skin and hair remedies, and creating a healthy lifestyle! Her side hobbies are exploring the world, retail therapy, binge watching TV shows, keeping up with fashion, eating dessert for every meal of the day, and DANCING!