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In our house, we like to keep some things ‘old school’ and try to maintain a weekly game night with the family.  This usually is reduced to about 20 phone free minutes with the kids where we laugh together, challenge each other, and keep track of the wins on a dry erase board just for fun.

We have cycled through so many games over the years and own all the American classics that when we had the chance to review some games from overseas we were super excited.  Gigamic is a French board game company that has a fresh take on some familiar concepts we see in games here.

As a mom of children ages 6 and 7, games that are quick to play and easy to understand are at the top of list of things I look for when shopping around.  In particular I want to highlight Katamino and Pic Mix . These games make children want to play them, they are colorful, familiar, and approachable.


Playing Katamino
Playing Katamino at the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo


Katamino looks like an in-life Tetris and in a way it is, it challenges the brain to fit together pieces in a variety of ways, it can be played one player or two player.  Katamino also has alternate ways to enjoy the game, see this video to learn more.

Pic Mix

Pic Mix reminded us of Spot It (a family favorite, we play it at restaurants when we wait for our food) but with a twist.  There are more cards, but it is still easy to play. Line up your cards to match the cards on the play card and you have a ‘Pic Mix’!  It is also small and portable so we can add this to our games-on-the-go.

Gigamic Booth

Anything that allows me to spend time with my children in a productive way is  win!  Thank you Gigamic for the opportunity to learn about your company as share our experience with our tribe!



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